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Electric Supply Service

Our Electric programs were built with Businesses in mind. We power businesses of all shapes and sizes, from the largest industrial plant, to your favorite local pizzeria, and everything in between. For close to two decades we have helped businesses in upstate New York save money, and manage their electric costs. Let us show you how to reduce your cost and manage your price risk.


Natural Gas

The U.S. Energy Partners team has the expertise to find you the best available pricing and terms and conditions for your competitive natural gas service.

USEP works tirelessly as your Natural Gas advocate, communicating with numerous suppliers to find the most attractive pricing possible. We strategize with the customer to properly manage these costs, helping our customers to make informed decisions.

Let us put our expertise and our industry connections to work for you.

Solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, hydroelectric

Renewable Energy

A resource is renewable if it is naturally replenished. Renewable generation sources have lower environmental impacts than traditional non-renewable sources.

Rate Plans

Market Flex Variable Rate

Float with the NYISO Day Ahead Market (Real Time Market available upon request), resulting market sensitive price that changes each month. Across time, this is the least expensive product to choose, but the monthly fluctuating rates can lead to seasonal price increases of which the customer should be aware.


Fixed Rate

Lock in a rate for a set period of time (12 months, 24 months, seasonal, or custom). Across time this is generally more expensive than the variable rate, but is good for budget certainty and for avoiding the seasonal fluctuations that may occur with variable pricing.

Balanced Portfolio

50% fixed rate, 50% variable rate (other percentage options available upon request). Lock in half the kWh usage at a fixed rate for a set period of time while the other half is charged the variable rate. This plan helps to minimize the impact of peak month price fluctuations in the variable market while still receiving some of the benefit associated with its lower costs during the off-peak shoulder months. 

Trigger Rate Plan

The customer enrolls in Market Flex which is a variable priced product with the desire to convert to a fixed price should market conditions warrant. If the forward market reaches the predetermined fixed rate, the customer will have the opportunity to lock into that fixed price. This product plan is ideally used during periods when the forward fixed market has experienced some lift and the customer is waiting for it to come down to a level in which they are comfortably committing to a fixed rate.



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