Consumer Bill of Rights

This Consumer Bill of Rights has been developed by members of the National Energy Marketers Association (“NEM”) to emphasize the commitment being made by competitive energy suppliers to act responsibly and treat every residential, commercial, and industrial customer with the highest level of respect as they consider the growing number of energy-related products and services available to them in today’s evolving marketplace.

Energy suppliers, regulators, and utilities alike are urged to consider these basic consumer rights as a foundation for doing business, and as a common ground for public policy development.

We believe that all consumers should have the right to choose their energy supplier, receive delivery of their energy supply from a reliable utility delivery system, and be provided information which entitles them to the following:
1) Access to energy products and services that provide what they promise and are presented and described in clear and understandable language.
2) Accurate price and usage information, from both the utility and competitive energy supplier, that is expressed in simple and straightforward terms.
3) Terms and conditions written in plain language that set forth contractual obligations for both the consumer and energy supplier.
4) Specific information about savings claimed in any offer.
5) How a consumer may terminate a contract and the cost, if any, of doing so.
6) A clear understanding of when price changes may occur and what happens when the contract term expires.
7) An enrollment process that verifies a consumer’s acceptance of a product offer
8) Verbal and written offers that identify the competitive energy supplier as operating independently of the utility delivering natural gas or electricity to the consumer.
9) Consumer education on energy, energy conservation, and technology available to help control energy costs.
10) A fair and timely complaint resolution process.



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