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U.S. Energy Partners LLC (“USEP”) is a competitive energy supplier, not a regulated public utility.

Skills to get the job done

Management Team

USEP’s management team is well seasoned in the energy industry. We have been at the forefront of creating opportunities for customers to make or save money on their utility bill. The first customer opportunity arose with the deregulation of Natural Gas. Customers (in many states) were able to choose their natural gas supplier. Members of the USEP management team were vocal advocates of this change and were instrumental in making it a reality. Next, the electric market became a competitive model. Our management again was a strong voice in favor of customer choice.

Smart, Simple Solutions

Key Differentiators

Our experienced staff understands the complexities of the various utility programs, energy management strategies and the competencies required to provide a complete solution for our customers. We strive for a simple, straight-forward explanation of compelling value propositions for the customer.
What makes USEP special is its people and their dedication to the customer’s best interest. It is our mission to help save our customers money and manage their electric costs. We take complex regulations and tariffs, and create strong offers to our customers that meet or exceed their expectations.



Supplier of Electric &
Natural Gas to Businesses

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